Zinzilu Village Project

Zinzilu Village Project

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Organic Agriculture Training in Zinzilu Village

Ilunda Ward, Mkalama District, Singida, Tanzania

After a safari in Tanzania, Linda Smith and her husband were inspired to help their Safari Guide, Adam Mtinga, aid his childhood village, a small, rural, subsistence farming village where his mother and siblings still live.

Together with Adam as their local advisor and coordinator, they installed solar lighting in the 16 homes in the village to replace kerosene lamps.

Then, they looked for training opportunities to help villagers increase crop production and break the cycle of subsistence farming. They chose FOATZ to train the villagers, and now, 13 farmers are certified in organic agriculture and applying techniques. With this success and the villagers’ enthusiasm, they are committed to continued work with FOATZ.

From May 13th to May 17th, 2024, the farmers of Zinzilu village in Mkalama district, Singida, Tanzania, were part of a transformative organic agriculture training program. The training was organized by the Foundation for Organic Agriculture Tanzania (FOATZ).

Linda and Holland Smith from New Mexico, USA, and Adam Mtinga generously funded the training session.

Training Overview

The training aimed to equip farmers with the necessary knowledge and skills for organic farming. The curriculum was designed to cover critical aspects of organic agriculture, including Farm Layout, Organic Sustainable Agriculture, soil health management, Preparation of natural pest control and procedures, composting techniques, weed control, and crop rotation.

Training on organic agriculture in Zinzilu Village.

Zinzilu Village farmers benefit from organic agriculture training.